Ditch Your Dated Vending Machine

Ask us about our self-pay gym markets in Yakima & Selah, WA

Gym MARKET vs. Vending Machines​

Open gym market creates an environment of trust. It speaks to, "We trust our members so much we give them 24/7 access, even to our retail products!" Vending machines portray the opposite. What better way of saying, "Our members are a part of the Gym family!" An open gym market will allow your members FULL access to your gym. ​

A market allows your gym retail revenue not seen from vending machines or from behind-the-counter sales. Gym markets offer not only supplements, but more product selection, and the gym markets, like your gyms, are always open! Vending machines are limited to what and how many items you can sell. You won't need to provide staff behind a counter waiting for the next customer to sell water to, the gym market will do that for you. Want to learn more? ​

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What can you find at our gym markets?

Our markets are loaded full of the top-selling items that your members are looking for to fuel their next workouts! Potential member walk-ins will take one look at the gym market and won't be able to sign up for a gym membership fast enough! Our gym markets are the ultimate amenity.​

  • Protein bars
  • Energy Drinks​
  • Hydration
  • Protein Drinks​
  • Protein Snacks
  • Supplements
  • Apparel
  • Energy drinks
  • Protein powder
  • Anything with a barcode reader

Discover the benefits of our gym markets

How can you benefit from our self-pay markets? You'll appreciate the high-tech systems:

  • Open-market concept - members will be able to totally engage with products before they buy​
  • Grab>Scan>Pay>Enjoy! - our gym markets are super easy for your on-the-go members and they will absolutely love the convenience
  • Accessibility - Super user-friendly point of sale system- they won't need to be tech-savvy​
  • Privacy - your members won't have to talk with someone behind the counter anymore. ​
  • Security measures - security camera systems placed to monitor all sales and market activity ​

If you still have questions about our self-pay market concepts, don't hesitate to contact our team today.